Ultraformer III is a revolutionary non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that lifts and tightens often problematic areas of the skin such as the lower face, chin and neck, sagging eyebrows as well as helps to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and cheeks.

Ultraformer III rejuvenates the skin’s infrastructure

Ultraformer III works to rejuvenate the three critical levels of the skin’s infrastructure. It sends bursts of highly sophisticated micro-focused ultrasound energy to precise depths below the skin, where it safely heats the tissues to temperatures of 60-70 degrees, causing contraction and tightening of collagen fibres. Although the ultrasound treatment uses a significant amount of heat to improve the underlying layers of your skin, the treatment is precise and will not inflict any damage to the epidermis.

Ultraformer III treatments take approximately 1 hour for a full-face treatment.

The amount of treatments required depends on the area being treated, your age and your skin quality. Most patients will need at least one treatment, with a repeat treatment required in a 6 to 12-month period.

Total Face Treatment: $2,000

Body Treatment: Price dependant on the area to be treated

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Common questions about Ultraformer III

Following the treatment, you will notice an immediate and visible tightening of the skin and underlying muscle as the ultrasound heat produces contraction of collagen fibres. Longer-term results become more evident over time, with ongoing improvements peaking between 6 to 12 months after treatment. New and stronger collagen fibres result in a more youthful skin structure than previously, and provide a longstanding tightening and smoothing result.
The Ultraformer III treatment is generally extremely well tolerated. During the treatment, an ultrasound transmission gel will be applied to the treatment area. As the hand piece touches your skin, you will feel a vibration and slight heating. There is no need for pre-numbing topical application or pain relief for this treatment.
There is no downtime or special care needed after treatment. Most of the time you can return to your regular activities immediately. Side effects are uncommon, but can still occur. You may experience a feeling similar to mild sunburn for 1-2 hours following the treatment including redness and heat. As with all treatments, good skincare is recommended as well as annual treatments to maintain results.
Ultraformer III will benefit anyone who is looking for a nonsurgical way to enhance their skin. Without incisions, anaesthesia or downtime, Ultraformer III provides a means of improving the elasticity of your skin without causing any significant discomfort or inconvenience.
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