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Retriderm Vitamin A Serum – Mild 0.5%



Luxurious. Nourishing. Restorative.

The Story

• Have a protein rich, oil free formula, which makes them
unique among Retinol products and allows for maximum
absorption, minimal irritation and visible results.
• Stimulate cell generation and build collagen to diminish
the appearance of facial wrinkles and age spots from
both photo-ageing and intrinsic-ageing.
• Help minimize the appearance of pore size, while
correcting blemishes and blotchiness often associated
with problematic skin.
• Delivers softer smoother skin and restores skin radiance.
• Provides appearance of thicker, firmer, plumper skin

The Promise

• Reduces the visible signs of skin ageing
and sun-damage.
• Reduces appearance of wrinkles.
• Tightens and firms.
• Improves luminosity.
• For first time users, more sensitive skin or
skin with less age and sun damage, or as
step 1 in a Retriderm® step-up programme

The Ritual

Thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin.
• Use 3 pumps for entire face, neck and chest.
• Allow Retriderm® to soak in.
• Wait 3–5 minutes before applying other products,
always use Retriderm® first.
• Recommended for evening application.
• Highly recommended to use high level broad spectrum
sunscreen during the day.
• It’s easy to get excited and over use the retinol serums,
but it is important to note that as vitamin A speeds
up cell turnover, using too much, will cause excessive
flakiness as the skin sheds.
• And of course don’t forget to moisturise, your skin will
be better for it

The Ingredients

The key ingredient of the Retriderm Vitamin A serum – mild is.

0.5% Retinol: Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and delivers softer, smoother skin; aids in nightly rejuvenation to reveal radiant skin without the irritation

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