Ultrasound Skin Lifting and Tightening

Our advanced Ultraformer III™ is the premium system worldwide for non-invasive, ultrasonic lifting, tightening and contouring, offering a non-surgical alternative for both face and body treatments. Ultraformer III™ targets necks, chins, jawlines, jowls, eyelids and other areas of the body that are prone to wrinkling or sagging, boosting collagen production and soft tissue remodelling for a tighter, more lifted look. Most people notice a result after the first treatment, with ongoing improvements peaking at 3-6 months.  And all this for a no downtime treatment performed in the clinic in less than 60 minutes.

Total Face Treatment  $2,000
Body Treatment - Price dependant on area to be treated

CO2 Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Your skin is the front line of defence against a hostile environment. The result: sun damage, uneven tone, superficial lines and wrinkles. It’s time to help your skin feel young again. In the past, aggressive treatments such as harsh chemical  peels and ablative procedures involved extensive downtime and discomfort. They were not suitable for all skin types. Fraxis™ rejuvenation treatments harness your body’s own potential to heal itself. They help break down the damaged cells so your body can remove them, then they stimulate your body’s natural process to produce fresh, elastic cells that support a more youthful skin.

Total Face $800
Trouble spots can be treated in conjunction with RF treatment, ask your practitioner for advice.

Radio-frequency Facial Rejuvenation

The Secret™: Targeted Radio-frequency with Micro-Needling. Building Skin “Fitness”- we all know that good diet and physical fitness are important contributors to a healthy skin as well as to our overall health. However ageing skin sometimes needs further help. The Secret™ boosts the production of the important structural components of the dermis - collagen and elastin, which provide strength, elasticity and fullness to the surface of the skin. This initiates a process of improvement over several months as new collagen and elastin deliver toned and tightened skin. The Secret™ can be helpful for a wide range of skin conditions, including acne, acne scarring and pore size reduction. The number of recommended treatments depends on the condition being treated.

Total Face single treatment, $660