Dermal Fillers

From $600 per ml

Our faces age over time and the visible signs of ageing differ in individuals depending on your genetics, lifestyle and sun exposure. At bma we use only TGA approved, reversible, premium Hyaluronic Acid fillers to restore lost volume, soften fine lines and subtly enhance your natural features. At our core is the belief that each face should be treated individually and holistically for the most natural, age appropriate outcome.


From $15 – $16 per unit

Passing years and the lifestyle stresses that we all experience can show on our faces. You can soften this impact with wrinkle relaxing injections of premium, globally approved products used for over 20 years. These can relax the muscles which cause frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet, as well as stop the downturn of the mouth and help smooth the chin and neck. A no downtime procedure that leaves you looking rested and relaxed within a few days, and lasts up to four months. Everybody’s muscle strength, aesthetic objectives and skin integrity are different, so the number of units used will be customised at your initial consultation.



At best annoying and at worst, highly embarrassing, excessive underarm sweating can make you dread the onset of summer. A quick and simple injectable treatment can deliver excellent results in this condition, typically lasting 6-12 months.

Facial Reshaping / Jaw Clenching

From $625

Injectables can also be used to subtly reshape and slim the lower face creating a pleasing aesthetic result. And for those who know the pain caused by excessive jaw clenching or teeth grinding, injectables can also be used to relieve these symptoms.

Fat dissolving

$1400 per treatment

What’s not to love about a simple in clinic procedure that eliminates that pesky double chin and improves the definition of your neck and jawline? Also very popular with our male clients, this injectable product will typically be a course of at least two treatments.

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